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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Generosity Water

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Matthew 25:35

"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink..."

Recently one of the supermarkets here in Buenos Aires had a sale for the week where of you bought 2 2 liter bottles of water, you would get 25% off. I couldn't resist......that entire week every time I visited that supermarket I would purchase 2 2L bottles. I ended with like 7 2 liter bottles in my fridge. Water is already cheap without the sale and with the sale, I ended up paying a total of $1 CDN for 4 liters of water. It blows my mind that in this 3rd world country, a resource like water is so plentiful.

However, not all 3rd world countries have been so blessed to have access to water. To date, there are more than a billion people without access to clean drinking water. Little children have to walk miles everyday just to get to the nearest water source. As a result, they are unable to play, go to school, or have a normal childhood and thus the cycle of poverty continues.

As an influential blogger with a platform, I felt a responsibility before God and society to use my position to create awareness. I wanted to to promote a charity through my blogsite but I wanted to do it in a way that didn't make people feel manipulated when they come to this place. In other words, putting pictures and videos of starving children were out of the question!

To tell you the truth, it was a very frustrating process to find a way to create awareness in a way that would look positive and beautiful on this blogsite. Just when I feeling at total loss in my mission to find a charity to endorse and was ready to begin tearing my hair out, Generosity Water burst into the very forefront of my brain.

Through creating awareness in first world countries and then partnering with local organizations in 3rd world countries, Generosity Water is able to fund the building of wells in developing countries. Since the organization started 2 years ago, Generosity Water has funded 108 wells in 16 countries. Which means that 50 000 people that previously did not have access to water now have the same amount of access that you and I have.

In these countries, having a well built is like having a supermarket that is throwing a sale every single day of the year on water. Children can play, enjoy a normal childhood and go to school and get an education. The women no longer have sore limbs from walking miles just to get clean drinking water. Imagine living in a world where being able to drink a glass of water free of leeches & parasites is considered a luxury....

Actions speak louder than words so instead of sitting her telling you about this great organization to get involved in, I've decided to jump in head first and start a fundraiser for Generosity Water under the name of this blogsite "Making the Same Difference". Generosity Water has a webpage where people can start a fundraiser through them for their friends, family, fans and supporters to donate to the cause of clean water. Here is the webpage for my fundraiser through them.

On the average it cost about $10 to give one person clean drinking water for 20 years and costs $3000 to build a well for a community. All donations and handling of funds are tracked and done with the highest standard of accountability. For my fundraiser, I am setting a goal of $500 to be raised towards ending the water crisis.  In addition to that, click on the title of this blogpost to find out about just how far I'd be willing to go to raise funds for the Generosity Water Campaign.

The name of this blogsite is "Making the Same Difference" and my dream would be for this blogsite to live up to it's name and start "making the same difference" in the lives of others. Is building a well too big of a dream? 


Generosity Water

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