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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"The Secret" to Spare Rooms

It's pretty interesting to see how the teaching of "The Secret" plays out in my daily life and who exactly comes across my path. It's no surprise to me when I people come into my world who are just like me. Full of ambition, passionate about what they do, and cares deeply about their clients as I do about my fans and readers. Someone like Valeria Pasmanter of Spare Rooms BA.

In North America, retail staff are trained to be friendly and personable. But here in Buenos Aires, the idea of good customer service hasn't quite caught up. Maybe odd cashier might smile at you but in general, the staff are only thinking about getting their paycheque and going home. Which is why a company like Spare Rooms BA is like an oasis in the middle of a desert.

When you visit this blogsite, for the most part I think that the experience is suave. It is like walking into a 5 star hotel where everything is taken care of ahead of time. There is good organization so that you don't have to think about a thing. That's just the way Spare Rooms is. My blog, Spare Rooms, and a 5 star hotel have one thing in common.......DETAILS! That is the secret to success. Everything boils down to details...details...and more details.

Everything is thought of ahead of times so you don't have to think about anything except what you came here for. And I realized that it is really important for me to help my fans out there know what companies offer exceptional customer service. Spanish schools like Vamos Spanish Academy. It is the reason why there is a place for their blogs on my website.  Every company that you see featured on my blogsite has been hand-selected.

I got to have a first hand encounter with Valeria at a coffee shop in Palermo. Within just minutes of meeting her, I could already tell that she was someone just like me when it comes to running her business. The law of attraction had worked once again and I found myself with someone who had very similar qualities. Like me she enjoys success but she knows that she doesn't just park and revel there. She has to keep doing what she is doing and improving her business.

That afternoon at the coffee shop really gave me the chance to see more of who she was. Val is like me, she is one who is extremely thoughtful and considerate when it comes to her clients. Her business is on her mind alot and like me, she is constantly thinking about what else she could possibly do to create a superior experience for everyone who will ever deal with Spare Rooms BA. Alot of people would love to be able to say that "I'm an entrepreneur." Many people love the title and being called an entrepreneur. But for Val, being an entrepreneur is simply something she lives and breathes.....

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