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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Green Eggs and Ham

Cover of "Green Eggs and Ham"

Cover of Green Eggs and Ham

This is one of the blogposts where I am sitting here wondering "Where do I even begin?"  Don't worry, I'm not meaning that I've been so overwhelmed by bad happenings that I'm like "Where do I begin?" It's actually quite the opposite where I've had so many good happenings that I'm like "Where do I even start?" Well, let's start at where I left of from my last blogpost. When you last heard from me, I had just placed an order for my ESL material and was totally ecstatic. I had written in my blogposts that I felt a peace about this and that God was going to take care of all my needs for groceries and stuff. So did God come thru for me like I believed? Of course he did! The very next day, out of the blue I get given a $100 gift certificate to thrifty foods (its a grocery chain here in Victoria, B.C.)!!!!!!!  You can't imagine how much that experience increased my level of faith.

So I had to be downtown today running errands and I decided to check to see if the Bay had a suitcase I could get because I needed to carry all these ESL materials with me. The requirements for the luggage was that it needed to be between 25-29 inches to be able to hold all by books and ESL materials. Anyone who has gone shopping for luggage knows that even at 50% off, a suitcase of that size is going to be at least $100. It was money that I now didn't have because I had spent it on ESL materials. But I had started to look for other alternatives, maybe like a rolling duffel bag. And lo and behold....I found one by Eddie Bauer for $50!  It is a beautiful 27 inch rolling duffel bag which has more than enough for everything that I needed. Finding anything for 27 inches at that price is amazing and I took it as a sign that it was meant to be and purchased it.I was just glowing after my purchase, once again I am finding everything that I need. Today I find myself running my hand over it in total disbelief that I now own a quality piece of luggage for all my ESL material.

Speaking of ESL material, there was one book that I had forgotton to include as part of my ESL material when I ordered it so after making that amazing purchase, I slipped into chapters to purchase what I consider to be the Holy Grail of all ESL materials and a must have for any english teacher.  This book would serve as the foundation for learning to read english for many people for generations to come. No ESL teacher should ever be without this book in their possession. It is a crime not to own it as part of your english resource materials. This book is (drum roll).......Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. I am serious!!!!  I found myself strolling out of chapters books with "Hop on Pop" and "Green Eggs and Ham". And I fully intend to make sure that these books form an essential part of the curriculum. Maybe for their final exam they'll have to memorize phrases like "I would not like green eggs and ham....Sam I am" in order to get a passing grade....hee....hee

Then after a quick lunch of pizza at "Second Slice", it was time to head for a haircut appointment. About a week or so ago, I was sitting in chapters reading "The Life of Pi" when I was approached by young woman named Angela who told me she was a student of Aveda. She needed people to practice doing haircuts on and she needed a volunteer for learning to do a haircut on May 22nd. It would be totally free and she would be under supervision.  I actually had been needing a haircut and i had been debating about waiting until Buenos Aires because it is so cheap to get it done there. So when she approached me, this seemed like the perfect solution for me. So I agreed to come to meet at Aveda on Douglas st 1pm on May 22nd.

Now the one thing about all this is that I couldn't choose the cut that I would get. It would be preselected because the students are learning to do different cuts.  I later found out that she would be doing what is called a "Graduated Cut". When she mentioned that to me, I was like "hmmm..that sounds familiar? Is that the cut that I always get?" And when I got down there I found out that it was! It is the one cut that I always get and looks good on me. And she did a fantastic job and the cut looks awesome on me! It looks no different than I get my hair done by experienced hairdressers.

Before I go further, I would like to make mention that Angela needs a volunteer to practice on for different things she is learning in hairdressing.  So I want to just let you all know of the opportunity to get some free work done on your hair. Like I said, the work she did on my hair was amazing and there was next to no difference to the work I normally pay $50 to get from an experienced hairdresser.  On May 26, she needs a volunteer to practice a long layered cut.  On June 5th she needs a volunteer for an all over color. That would be $15 to participate which is an unbelievable deal to get color done on your hair.  And on June 12 she needs a volunteer for foil placement. That would be $20. If you are in Victoria, BC and are interested, you can contact her at

My mind is still spinning at all the good things that have come my way within the last day or so.  Every nite I feel the gentle whisper as Buenos Aires, Argentina begins calling my name once more. I think I'd better go get something to eat and begin packing my things into my new suitcase. I wonder if my gift certificate to thrifty foods will be any good when it comes to getting me green eggs and ham :)

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