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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One Small Step for Man.......One Giant Leap for Angelina

"Faith is the evidence of things unseen"

That has got to be one of the most quoted verses in the bible. We hear it quite often used in sermons....but what does it mean? How does in look like in terms of modern day practice and application. My heart is racing even as I sit here in Starbucks in chapters downtown writing these words. I have JUST ordered over $200 of ESL material and my blood is racing. And those words keep echoing within my mind, that faith  is the evidence of things unseen.

Some of you out there may be thinking "So what? You ordered a bunch of books?" To realize the significance of what is going on, I want to give you some background. When I arrived back on the island, I had next to no money. I had pretty used up the last of my savings on my first trip and those of you who have been following me know the twist in the story that I am meant to come back a few months later to return to teach english.

Before i left, I felt a real peace about telling everything that I would be back even though I had NO idea how I was going to get the money to come back. I didn't even know how I was going to have the money to live or eat while I was in Canada. So by telling everyone back there that I will be back, I was basically putting my reputation on the line. This is how much faith in God I had that I was suppose to be back.  And I felt inside that somehow I would get taken care of in Canada every step of the way.

It is in this space right now that I want to thank every person who helped me during this time while I have been on the island. Whether you took me into your home or took me out for coffee, it is something that I don't forget or lent a helping hand financially until I came into my own finances, I have not forgotten any of it.  But as a result of each one of your participation and being willing to help, my faith is alot stronger. The faith I had when I landed on this island is nothing compared to the faith I have now as I sit here and write these words. Literally everything I have ever really wanted or needed, it came to me right on time...not a minute sooner or later. 

What's even more beautiful than one person with faith is a whole army of people with faith. My church in Argentina is very aware of the situation that I have very little and I don't have what I need to get home to them. They are full of faith and are praying passionately every day that I will have what I need for a passage to Buenos Aires. And today, buying the ESL material is a step in showing that I have full faith that I will be back in that country and that is where I am meant to be.

I believe that this is what this passage means when it says that "Faith is the evidence of things unseen".  Because I truly believe that God's already taken care of everything. In him, everything is complete. My flight is paid for, my ticket book, my apartment rented, my fridge full. And taking this step and buying the ESL material is showing evidence that I believe in the vision and I believe that I am being taken care of and I will be taken care of if I was willing to step out in faith and spend this money.

There is no doubt that I'm going to get many different reactions from this blogposts. Some people may be inspired, some people may be intrigued. Some people may be doubtful and think that I am nuts. That I have so little and I could have easily spent that money on a few weeks worth of groceries but instead I've thrown it away into ESL material. But I am feeling such a sense of peace and joy in this moment. There isn't even a hint of worry on how i'm going to live or how I'm going to take care of myself.

 On this note, I want to invite everyone of you to Season 2 of Angelina's adventures in Argentina. May can be a time of mixed emotions as many of our favorite television shows come to an end with some of them not returning in the fall. But you can be sure that Season 2 of Adventures in Argentina will be returning and it will be better than ever!  So in the words of Twitter......FOLLOW ME!

And just like any good T.V. show, there is the main story line as well as the mini subplots.  Join me as I am faced with job of teaching over 40 students in group classes for the very first time.  How will I fare?  Will I be able to give them their dream of being able to learn english? (of course I will, with God's help!!!)  Watch us as week by week as we continue our preparations for Rock & Vida 2010 and pour out our hearts and lives for the city of Buenos Aires.

Also, what will happen as my best friend and I, Marisa get reunited for the first time in more than two months?  How will the seperation have affected our friendship?  Can two strangers from different continents, cultures and languages come together and become a family? Watch as a native Argentinean and a Chinese Canadian embark on a journey of friendship which crosses language and cultural barriers as we attempt to understand each other and learn what it means to be a family.

The answer to all these questions await in Season 2 of "Argentinean Adventures".  So stay tuned! OK, I gotta go now, I'm gonna check to see if there's a sale on for luggage and suitcases down at the bay.   One small step for GIANT leap for Angelina!

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