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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Taking a Stroll Down "Crackberry" Lane

It's official! I'm on crackberry! I have purchased my first ever blackberry through "Used Victoria" and the moment I held it in my hand, I knew that I was a blackberry girl. I don't see an iphone in my future anytime soon LOL  I had been needing a phone since coming back to Canada but haven't been able to get my hands on one. But I knew that the right phone would come to me at the right time.

So I began looking at both retail websites and checking out "Used Victoria" What I will tell you is don't be fooled by the name "Used Victoria". There are many people selling stuff at incredible deals. Sometimes it's phones that they've hardly used or aren't even out of the box. They got it as a gift and they didn't need it.

At first i had my eyes set on a blackberry flip for $75 that someone was selling. But that fell through and the phone was sold to someone else.  Then I did some searching some more and then I spot someone selling a Navy Blue Blackberry curve 8320 for $130. I'm like WOW! A blackberry curve for $130. In 2007, this was the hottest item on the market to buy. During it's time, people were forking out $500 or signing onto contracts. Since then, there have been much more newer and trendier phones around. But that doesn't make this phone any less great, it's just not the "must have" item.

Anyone phone knows me knows that I don't get buying the "must have". But I must admit that I am an aficionado for technology and the latest gadgets. Where most girls were checking out the latest fashions, I found myself in the Sony Store tinkering with all their tempting new toys.

But back to the subject, the whole buying the phone thing. I could not pass up such sweet deal to buy a Blackberry Curve at $130 when it was once valued at $500. And after checking up the reviews on it, I discovered this model is no longer around.  All the blackberry curves being sold on the website were newer ones, so naturally they were selling for a higher price.

Today I brought home my baby and I could not be more ecstatic. It works like charm and the owner had been considerate enough to replace the trackball on it before advertising it. Of course it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that blackberries and iphones have right now on the market. But it is such a great investment and to be able to own a blackberry at that price is a DREAM!

I know that alot of phones today come packed with gadgets and gizmos to dazzle and entertain the masses. This help gives the buyer value for their money. This device may not have all those add ons that the other phones have but it gave me more value my money than you could ever imagine when today, I finally got in contact through text with someone who I love very dearly and who has been missing me very friend Marisa.

If you don't know the story of Marisa, you might want to ready some of my earlier blogs like "The Joy of Tears". She was my first Bible group leader when I first joined the church in Argentina.  Normally people who get assigned her introductory cell group stay there for a couple months and then move on. That's what happened to me, I got moved to a different cell group after a couple of months. The one twist is that she got really attached to me while I was in her cell group. And she went to very extensive lengths to make friends with me.

She has a very deep emotional attachment to me and I knew my leaving was going to be hard on her. It's not easy feeling a connection with someone who lives in another country. And to be fair, she's grown on me alot and it's only during this time that I've been in Canada that I've realized that I'm really fond of her too and I want to cultivate a deep meaningful friendship for years to come.

Words cannot explain what it was like today to sit in Chapters with my new device and be sending a text to her in Argentina. I typed out a little message in spanish to let her know that it was me and this was my number.  I didn't get a text back right away so I wondered if I did it right or maybe it didn't go through.  Or maybe she can't send a message back or doesn't know how to send one internationally.  Not receiving a reply right away, i went to go run some errands in the mall and then go back to chapters.It was then that I looked down at my device and I saw something that made my heart skip a beat. It was an indicator that I had a text message waiting for me. It was her, she had sent me a reply.

Our SMS conversation wasn't very long. It was basically "How are you?" "Nice to hear from you. I'm glad we can chat through SMS".  She seemed very pleased at it. And I let her know that she could text me whenever she feels a need for connection.  The feeling was just incredible to be able to be sitting there sending SMS back and forth to someone that you care for and have longed so much to see for many months now.  My blackberry may not have many fancy apps in comparison with all the phones on the market today but just being able to sit there in chapters making memories with someone who is precious to me, I think that the value this device is giving me is completely priceless.

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