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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Santa Clara Sizzles "Sugar" with Spice

 You know, I've often wondered about this band that I've been promoting the past few months and what it would be like to get a taste for them live in concert. We all know that there are some bands out there that sound great on records and CD's but lose momentum when it comes to their live performances. And there are other groups that are the opposite, they do great live but their CD doesn't do them justice. Well tonite at their live performance at Sugar lounge, I finally got the answer to my questions.

The instant the band hit the very first notes there on stage, a sense of rapture fell over the place.  A crowd gathered around the stage where these fresh faced youngsters were making magic with their electrical guitars. Though having only been in the public eye for a short time, it was easy to see that the lead singer Tim and all the band members had quickly learned stagecraft and the art of connecting with the audience.

Santa Clara played a 45 minute set and each song they belted out with the kind of freshness and raw, organic passion that almost makes you feel as if they had written it yesterday and were singing it for the first time ever tonite. After seeing them on stage tonite, I realize that one of the greatest strengths that this band has is it's ability to be believable. And in having that kind of  believability, it brings a layer and dimension to their music that gives their sound a depth of reality.

 The lead singer Tim sang every line with such an obvious conviction that there shouldn't be a doubt in anyone's mind that nite that who was there that he was truly in the moment up there on the stage.  Each chord that he struck from his guitar and each note that his voice hit coupled with the intricate blend of vocals, instruments and  accompaniments breathed life into every single one of the lyrics. Naughty or nice? I can't decide which of those adjectives best sums up seeing Santa Clara's performance.  All I know is that Santa Clara's seamless set sizzled "Sugar" with spice. 

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas