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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And Baby Makes Three.........

And baby makes THREE!  Three in this case not being a Mom, Dad and baby but three as in the third child in Marisa's family......ME!  I am older than her oldest child in my physical age but in mental age, I'm actually younger than her youngest child and part of me will never grow up due to some circumstances in my early childhood that has affected my development. As a result, she and I can have adult conversations, but I can never grow out of giving and receiving love and affection. It is like the dream of every parent, especially Marisa who always wanted a 3rd child even before I entered her world.

There were many things that  got us here and helped us draw this conclusion.  Ever since I can remember, Marisa has always talked to me in a slightly dominant tone and I couldn't figure out why. And it was the little things like she did, for example when someone asks me a question in spanish, she would answer for me. Back  then I couldn't see that those are the actions of a protective mother because she knows my second language is spanish. To add to that, there are a whole host of other little things in her behavior that set her slightly apart than those of my other friends.

One very interesting factor this whole story is the involvment of the supernatural. As a whole, latinos do not talk much about the supernatural or about energy and spirituality. So when mysterious things happened that cannot be explained started to happen, it was all new for Marisa who's culture does not give her much in the way of helping her understand what is going on. Her love for me as a mother has supernatual origins. When I become part of the church, there was something that happened in her heart when she saw me and it resulted in her having radically different behavior than others. I have taken note of this since the early days of my first trip. Truthfully, she was always my mom....she just didn't know it.

A few weeks before Uruguay, I had a dream that I couldn't understand it's meaning at first. I emailed her to let her know but then a little while later, I wrote another email to her to tell her that I think I know what it means. In the dream, she was pregnant and she was telling me that she was 3 months pregnant but she didn´t have a clue how any of this could have happened.  In the dream it was a surprise to her and it was as if she woke up one morning to find herself 3 months pregnant with not a clue how the baby got there.It was in my second email that I told her that I realized the meaning of the dream,  the baby was me. The dream was symbolic of what happened in real life....Marisa swallowed a can of instant motherhood!

Somehow the higher powers that be had given her a supernatural infusion of motherly love and her maternal instinct took over and adopted me as her own. It wasn´t like she saw me and thought that she would make a good mother. But it was like somewhere along the line, something happened within her and psychologically she saw me the same way as she saw her own biological kids. It got complicated awhile there because I believe consciously she thought she was my friend but subconsciously the actions and behavior was that of a mother. But within weeks of each other, both of us realized the truth and the rest was history....
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