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Monday, May 09, 2011

Taking Context into Context

Hope you enjoyed my "special announcement" on the blog I did for mother's day!  More relationship revelations to come  in the upcoming blog posts.  Speaking of special annoucements, I have another one to make, one that you have an opportunity to take part in.

As you know, I have been blogging for quite awhile now and am working hard to becoming a skilled blogger. I have written about every from general life in Argentina, the work of the church, my relationship with Marisa, learning a new language etc. As well on my other blogsite Tango 2 the Moon I try and bring the best of the web and social media.

All these are BIG topics....too big to simply tackle on a comment form on my blogsites. I feel that I have a wealth of information on many areas, learning a new language, living in a foreign country, creating a blog, cross cultural relationships. Information that could be of help to others one day. As well, I want to get a feel for where the community is at.

It's funny because my blog is where i don't get alot of comments but sometimes the stats are staggering when I see what blogs are being read and the amount of visitors are getting. So I know that people do want to interact with me, it's just not in the traditional manner where I write a blog and someone comments. From reading hundreds of articles on social media, I know things are changing and our way of connecting are changing. I am always trying to find what works with my fans. Sometimes I get it right, sometimes I don't.

Because times are changing, I want to explore new methods and create more options for ways to connect. It's funny because in the past I´ve found that sometimes I try things not thinking anything would happen and it's a hit with my fans (like when I signed on to friends feed). Each time I try, I get a little closer to what works well with my fans.

So in the spirit of attempting to create a greater level of convenience for my fans, I have created my own message board and forums where you can actually create topics and we can openly discuss things.  Not only would you be able to talk about things that wouldn't be feasible through other forms of social media, it would give you the chance to participate in my career as writer.

Think of it as a choose your own adventure book where you get to have a say in where things go. You can create a topic on anything you like. What topics do you want me to tackle? How do you feel about my writing style?  You see, for every thing I do say on my blog there are many experiences that I have left out due to the limited space.  My message boards are a place where you can dictate to me what you want to talk about and you actually may get info that did not come out on my blogs.

Long story short, in this new era of social media evolution, one of the biggest problems that happen (especially on facebook) is the lack of communication with context. Context is one of the most important things in communication. Starting a message board is a way my fans and readers can communicate with me and each other in an environment where context will be a key ingredient in our communication.

  I really look forward to having a new level of interaction with each and everyone of you at my message boards.

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Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas