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Monday, May 16, 2011

Patrick's Place

I know many of you out there come to my blog because you love discovering and learning about me and my world. But I learn just as much about my fans as my fans learn about me. I am always trying to learn more about the demographic of my readers so I know how to write blogs that they will enjoy.

My announcement about Marisa being my mother yielded some interesting results. You see, I know several of my fans personally and they are my facebook friends. Watching people's response on facebook was quite eye opening. It seems like the people who are most touched by my story of me and Marisa are also passionate animal lovers. They are the ones that want to see animals shelters emptied out and those animals sent to a loving home. Somehow, my story of me finally having someone to call mom closely resembles that of an abandoned animal waiting for a family.

I think that it is so awesome that many of you out there have been rooting for us and want to see us become a happy family. People love inspiring stories but it is important that this inspiring story comes with lots of sprinkles of reality. Life is not a disney movie. Don't get me wrong, we do have many disney movie moments where we're so enamoured totally. But it is important to have a splash of reality that we also have many moments that would wind up on the cutting room floor of a disney movie too LOL

God picked an incredible woman with an incredibly big heart because he knew that she has an incredible task ahead of her. Like any shelter dog, I come with a history, a problematic past, and a fair amount of disorders mixed it. In addition to that, throw in the fact that we have two different languages and cultures into the mix.  Making me her own isn't a one time deal, it's an on going process. But what I love about this woman most is that she knew what she was getting herself into and was willing to pay the price and do what it takes.  She badly wanted me to be part of her life at all costs.

I'm an incredibly blessed and lucky girl, like a pit bull named Patrick.  For those of you who don't know Patrick's story, he is a pit bull who's owner decided one day she didn't want him anymore. He was left starved and at the bottom of a garbage chute when some workers found him. At the animal hospital, his temperature was so low that it didn't even read on the thermometer.

Yet the miracle of it all is that somehow he made it through the nite and within 24 hrs, even was able to have a walk and a bathe. His name is Patrick because he was found the day after St. Patrick's day and has become a symbol of animal cruelty. He has made an amazing recovery after such extreme torture and the ironic part is that he will go on to a new life while his owner faces charges.

I wish every child's story could be like mine and every animal cruelty story turn out like Patrick's.  In the same way that the people at the animal hospital are working hard to not only restore Patrick but create awareness, Marisa and I are working hard not just to have a loving functional relationship but to create understanding in our world.

Every dog has it's day.  I guess today is Patrick's as it is mine :)

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