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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Live at La Bomba de Tiempo

We all know that there are just some things in life that words, pictures or even video cannot justify the experience of being there live in person. One of them would definitely be Iguazú falls. Months later, I still hear the haunting sound of waterfalls in my head deep into the night as they crash against the rocks again and again and again.....

There are other noteworthy experiences and things to try out while you are in the country. La Bomba de Tiempo at the Konex every monday night rain or shine. I've already written a detailed blog on my nite at La Bomba de Tiempo so I'm not going to sit here repeating what I've already written. Instead, if you would like to know the description of the event, I'll defer you to a link here that will take you to the post of the blog I had written earlier. I'm sure you'll find it quite amusing, especially the fact that it was the first and only night during that trip that I can officially say I that I lost my sobriety :)
And for your viewing pleasure, I've included some Youtube videos to give you just a little taste of the event.

Making the Same Difference: La Bomba a Tiempo

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas