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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Santa Clara Sizzles with a Sexy New Single "Save Me"

Wow I can't believe that I've been in Victoria almost 3 weeks now. And it seems like the journey of growth continues even during this period while I am in Canada. Life has been a combination of taking it easy and enjoying relationships while at the same time trying to keep on top of things with maintaining a blogsite and making it the best it can be. Last night I worked until midnight and all today I've been making upgrades and adjustments all morning until early afternoon now when I am sitting here writing this blog. Alot of the adjustments I make are often behind the scenes and would be things that I would know but this time the upgrades my websites are definitely obvious. So I hope you enjoy it and don't hesitate to let me know what you think.

The obvious addition to the website is the music player that looks like an "itouch" player. I don't have an itouch in real life so at least I get to have one through my blogsite :) Music is such an important part of my life and as I was putting this playlist together, I made the effort to have a mix of songs from all kinds of artists, both well known as well as local. When putting together this list, it was important for me to give exposure to some local artists such as Cindy Davis and Santa Clara. Almost all the musicians are people that I have known and met personally or who I grew up with. And I feel so proud to be able to add their music right beside well known artists like Alicia Keys as something that all my readers can experience and enjoy when they pop by here for a visit. Even as I write these words, I am testing out the playlist and making sure that the songs flow well together for your enjoyment.

If you didn't know already, Santa Clara is a local band who is getting heavy radio play and receiving much attention from the recording industry. I was in Argentina when they broke out and started to get radio play. Because of that, I was a little late in finding about the song and getting a chance to listen to it. But the moment I heard the song, I knew that they had something special to share with the world. And it would be a sound that I definitely would be wanting people to be listening and experiencing the moment they clicked into the site. Their first single "The Fool" captured my heart and I was never really the same after that song.

So I made sure that "The Making of The Fool" would be one of the videos included in the music mix. This is not the official music video. That was recently shot here in Victoria and it is the midst of being edited. You can check out pics of the music video as it was shot on the sidebar. I'll give you further updates as the dates get closer. But one date that I can tell you about is the release of their next hit single "Save Me" You can preview the song on their myspace page. Just click on the picture of the band that I've included at the top of this blog. It's another song that's definitely got my attention and just like "The Fool", it's bound to get attention of both individuals in the recording industry and the public alike when it hits the radio April 12th. Don't forget to mark that date and join in the party!

But the exciting news doesn't stop there! Recently I stumbled across a website called lexiophiles. They are a website dedicated to the art and study of languages and cultures. On their website, they said they were looking for guest writers. I submitted two pieces to them, they the ones you can find at the top of the site entitled "Cultural Quirks" and "Language Learning Lab". I got the response back from the people there that said that both pieces were excellent and they wanted to publish them both at one point. They couldn't publish them at the same time so for now, they wanted to publish "Cultural Quirks' for April 15th. I could not be more delighted and gave them the go ahead.

I feel honored to have my article featured on a public website other than mine. It gives me tremendous exposure and does so much in solidifying my identity as a writer. I'm almost at the place where I'm ready to tell people "I'm a writer" when people ask what I do. It's something that I haven't been able to do before because I felt that I didn't have enough credentials to be able to make a statement like that. What an awesome step it is! But success only taste sweet when you have someone to share it with. I would like to invite each of you to share the success of Santa Clara as they release their new single "Save Me" on April 12th. And I would also like to invite you share in my success just 3 days later on April 15th as some of by best work gets featured as articles on Whether you're the kind of person who enjoys rock and pop music or the kind of person who loves writings and articles on language and cultures..........regardless of what your taste are, success is success and it is time to celebrate and party!

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas