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Friday, April 16, 2010

A "pet's eye-view" of the ipad

The ipad.......the mere mention of the word brings up a whole range of opinions, speculation,  and   debates. I was in Argentina when the whole announcement broke out and it was funny that although I was in a country that couldn't care less about the latest greatest thing, I still felt a pull towards this mysterious device that apple was so proudly unveiling. And it's interesting because I have friends on both sides, ones that think that it's a joke and others who cannot wait to get their hands on it. The really interesting thing is that the people who are giving me the whole "It's nothing but a big iphone" talk are the ones who are computer nerds like me and are quite familiar with all the comings and goings and the ins and outs of newest trends when it comes to technology and communication.

As for me, I'm kind of in the middle. I started off on a total buzz like everyone else when it first came out but I do feel myself sliding towards the other side of the camp and have begun to wonder if the ipad is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.  But what I be honest and say that in the coming months after it's international release, I don't think I'll be able to walk by an Apple store without going inside and having some "bonding time" with the demo in the store :)

But with all the debate that's been going on about the device, there's been one member of society and of our homes that hasn't been able to voice their opinions about the ipad until now............our pets.  But it looks like some really dedicated owners have taken the initiative to try and introduce their beloved pooch or pussy cat to the ipad as a new family member. With all the debates and points of view that is being shared, I think that these videos give us a refreshing break from the whole argument as we get a "pets-eye view" of the ipad.

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