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Friday, April 23, 2010

Tango 2 the Moon

I am sitting here in front of my computer wondering "What in the world did I just do!"  Most people in the world would just be happy having one blog that they share amongst their closest friends. And of course they would be thrilled if they got the added bonus of  getting a big break and seeing their blog read by hundreds of people around the globe. You would think most people would stop there and just park on their success. Nobody would actually be crazy enough to start a 2nd blog site.....except me!

You're probably right in front of your computer thinking "WHAT!!!!"  Trust me when I tell you that I'm in front of my computer with question marks flying around my head at this very moment. But after reading this article, you'll understand a little bit more to why I felt the need to create a 2nd blogsite. As well I'll share with you the purpose for the 2nd blogsite.

After being in the blogging world for sometime now and spreading my wings as a writer, there were many times that I wanted to write something on "Making the Same Difference" but I felt that what I had to say wouldn't fit in with that site. As you can see, all my articles on there are very polished, professional, well edited and often with media attached to it. It is because I am writing for a global audience that is looking for a certain standard.

But the truth is that there are many styles of writing and have sometimes lots more to say and share but it isn't in a format that is right for "Making the Same Difference"  I needed a space where my fans and readers can go to if they were in the mood for something more personal and informal.  So I spent some time this afternoon doing some creative problem solving and it is with great pride that I present to you my 2nd blogsite "Tango 2 the Moon"

This 2nd blogsite is going to be seperate from "Making the Same Difference" but rather it's meant to complement my first blogsite by exposinng my readers to another style of writing.  And it is a place where i can be a little more random and informal with my fans. It is here that you're going to read about the spontaneous, surprising moments that life holds.

For those of you who love the site "Making the Same Difference", coming here and reading my journal entries will actually help you see where some of my blogs on "Making the Same Difference" are coming from. Because I can't put my random thoughts and journal entries on that site but I can put them here. And from reading my journal entries, you'll see the beginnings of a potential blog that gets published on "Making the Same Difference".

Think of "Making the Same Difference" as the stage and "Tango 2 the Moon" is the backroom where we can hang out and find out  the inside scoop on my life as well as my thoughts and feelings on some of my blogs that I've written on "Making the Same Difference"  As well this would be a great place for you to give me your feedback on the blogs you read on "Making the Same Difference"

My fans mean the world to me. I know everyone says that but I really want to show it with actions instead of words. There have been several moments over the past few months where I got feedback from people that told me "That article touched me". And there was something about that article that did something inside that person. The words I had written pierced through them and they weren't quite the same after that moment.

To kick off this new blogsite, I am going post every single blog where someone has told me that it moved them and those words did something inside of them.  You know exactly who you are and if you've made a comment about a blog that was special to you either through email or through "Making the Same Difference", that blog is here. And if some of you out there want to share with me if a particular blog has stirred you, let me know and I will put in on here.

Well the coffee is brewed, the table is set with sweets and goodies, the welcome mat has been placed out. We are eagerly anticipating your arrival as our guest of honor at "Tango 2 the Moon"

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas