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Monday, April 05, 2010

The Price is Right

It is not often that I come across a band with so much generosity.  As you all know, I am constantly promoting the boys of Santa Clara.  And my support of them isn't without good reason.  In a world where people are getting more consumed with money and the attitude of "Look out for #1" , it makes me feel warm on the inside to see people give the very best of themselves to others at a price that is so much less than what they are actually worth. And I myself live life with the exact same value and mindset and I find that more and more I'm surrounding myself with people who are doing the exact same thing.

For example, my friend Eduardo Saucedo down in Buenos Aires is a world renown tango master who's is much sought after as a teacher all over the world. When I was inquiring on taking private lessons with Eduardo, I was quoted a price of about $50 CDN for a private one on one.  Being quoted that amount really caught me off guard because getting the chance to learn from someone famous, he could easily set the price at so much more. And I've actually seen private tango lessons by tango teachers (who aren't tango masters nor are they well known) down in Buenos Aires who set the price of private lessons at $75 for an hour.  It even still amazes me that Eduardo does group classes twice a week for $7 CDN. If that isn't big hearted or generous, I don't know what is.

Eduardo's desire is to make good tango instruction available to as many people as possible and my desire is to make classes in english available to as many people as possible.  Private english instruction can goes for about 40-60 pesos per hour, a price that is inconceivable for a normal working class Argentinean.  Group classes in Buenos Aires for english instruction range in affordability. My friends tell me that there is a university in Buenos Aires that offers english instruction for what would be about $75 CDN a month. The size of the group is about 25 people so it is huge and there isn't alot of personal attention.

I feel a very deep sense of empathy with these people and my passion is to see them have a desire that burns deep within many of their hearts, the desire to speak english. For many of them, having no time or money, that dream seemed impossible. But as we speak, the staff at the college and I are working on developing high quality english instruction with me that would be at no cost to anyone who wants to enroll. I don't know on my end how it's going to work out with me having living expenses in that country. But as I've explained to my friends there and friends here that God is not going to send me to that country and that church and show me a problem that they have and a need that needs to be fulfilled and not give me the funds to live in the country and get things accomplished. I totally trust God to take care of all that I need now and all that I'm going to need right down to the last detail :)

The final example of generosity that never ceases to move me is with the boys of Santa Clara. In my eyes, the quality of music they are churning out is worth a million dollars but they've chosen to be people minded instead of money minded and are offering their debut album online for $1 only and if you only want a single, you can set the price. Yes, you heard what I said, you actually get one of those rare opportunities to set the price for any single that you choose if you only want one or two songs.  Having this kind of generosity, I can tell that the boys are going to go far in the music industry. So what are you waiting for? Click on the link that I am posting here and go download music worth millions for less than the price of a cup of coffee and a donut. The price is right!

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