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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Newness of Old Friends

Hope all of you are having a happy Sunday. I know I am. In fact, I'm not just having a happy Sunday but I've had a happy few weeks. Last nite I went to a dinner at the house of a very old friend of mine. She was hosting an evening for someone we knew who had gone to the Philipines to do mission work. I had the time of my life seeing the life she has now. She is one of those friends that i spent a considerable amount of time with 13 years ago for a season. During that time, she didn't have alot of money so I would sometimes take her out and treat her. On her 27th birthday it was really special. I took her out to get photos at Sears with her young daughter. In their house at that time there weren't any happy pictures in her home. So those pictures from sears were the first ones that showed them together, happy and smiling.  Then I took her out for Chinese food at an amazing restaurant in Victoria called Sampan.

So anyway, life happens and due to a bunch of circumstances, both of us get busy and fall out of contact. She gets remarried and starts a new life and I went on my own journey and we don't see each other for about 12 years. But the higher powers in our world have a way of connecting people that they want to see connected and it was a week or two ago when I was coming back from a meeting i had in town that we bumped into each other in front of Thrifty foods. The moment she saw me, her eyes just went wide. Like someone you've been longing for a LONG time.

And even better, this time when I opened my mouth, spanish flew out. She is from Mexico and she could not believe it that i could just stand there and talk to her in her own native tongue. After briefly chatting, we exchanged contact info and I got in touch with her later. We made a date to get together and to my surprise, this time she would be treating me. 10 years ago I was the one who had plenty of extra cash while she had to spare anything she got. Now the tables have turned and I was the one who was trying to spare all my pennies just having come back from Argentina and she was the one who was treating me and giving me things that I did not have money for. Funny how life works?

After our afternoon together, she invites me to this party she was having at her place.  I couldn't resist the chance to spend time with her and she the new life she has so I enthusiastically told her "YES!"  And what a pleasure it was to reconnect and see her happily married with more kids, a dog, living in a lovely home and having the best of life.  But the most memorable part of the afternoon was when she told me an interesting little story about the photos that I had bought for her at Sears.

A year or so later after we took those photos, a friend of hers was visiting their home. And he saw the picture of her and her daughter, happy and smiling.  And something about seeing that picture sparked in him an interest in him about this family. And that interest would turn into a romance and romance would lead to marriage the man who is now her husband to whom they have a very happy life together.  And it all began with one tiny moment when he took a brief glance at the photos during a simple visit.....

I hope you love that story just as much as I do.  It really warmed me on the inside to see how things I did for someone that I thought would be just a nice simple gesture, nothing more were actually pieces in a much bigger puzzle. And everything that happened to me and her, during the years we were seperated were meant to be as well. She grew and became self actualized and I so did I. And when we came back together after 10 years, it was an entirely new relationship. And this time, our friendship was even in another language! Ahhhhh.......nothing like the newness of old friends :)

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"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious, it is the true source of art, science, and friendship."
- Albert Einstien

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