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Thursday, February 11, 2010

A "selah" moment

I'm sitting here at my desk reveling in the events that have happened within the past few days. I guess you could say I'm having a "selah" moment. For those of you who may not be familiar with the term "Selah", it is a word in ancient hebrew that means "pause and reflect". It is most commonly found in the book of Psalms in the Bible. The poet who wrote the psalms would put the word "selah" right in the middle of the Psalm. This was to indicate to the reader that they were pause and reflect a moment on what they had just read before moving on and reading the rest.

So that's what I've been doing this afternoon, taking a "selah" moment to revel at all that has happened. The thing I've reveling over is how I ended up with more than 50 visitors to the blogsite in less than 3 days of launching the blogsite. THANK YOU ALL!!! Seriously, this was so unexpected. Literally, every single time I get on, I see another hit from another new visitor. I'm very touched that each of you would take time out of your busy day to drop by for a visit on the site.

And my commitment to you back is that I will always try and bring you my very best. The reason why alot of people don't like blogsites that normally the people that create blogs make it all about them. Only people that know that person will be able to relate or fully understand or even enjoy that blog. And yes, as a writer my blogs are about my experience, but I want it to be something that everyone can relate to. I myself refuse to read alot of blogs and blogsites because alot of the time, it's a platform for people to say alot of stupid stuff to people that they don't know. This was the reason why I was hesitant to start a blogsite, because the reputation of what a blogsite is in many people's mine.

But the way this got started was a little different. I actually did not hop on here presumptuous that everyone wants to know about my life. I had to be convinced by some good friends that I was a good writer and had something to share. My friends worked on me for a long time to push me to share my writing. I had been writing 5 months now and had many good responses by people BEFORE I decided to go public.

Going public would be abit of a challenge. The biggest challenge of all is convincing people that visiting this site is not a waste of your time reading the gripings and amateur moanings of someone they will never meet. My goal is to draw on themes that we can all relate to. That is my commitment to you with this site. We are all human, we all have dreams, hopes, fears, disappointments. And I want to create blogs in such a way that it touches the human experience. I don't want only 3 people who know me well to be able to enjoy what I am saying.

I intend to make sure that the goods on my site are of the highest quality. People can feel it when someone's put effort into things. Everything that you see was chosen carefully, every picture, every link I have added to other people's site. The video clips I have chosen. I began creating this site on Monday Feb. 8th and it has been alot of work but is every bit worth it. In this way, I create trust with my readers and visitors. They trust that when ever they pop by for a visit, they are assured that I am bringing them nothing but the brightest and the best. And when I post a link or a pic, there is a good reason for it. It is my way of showing respect for people's time.

What makes it worth it is when I get a response from a reader that got touched by a certain edition. In the past 6 months, it seems like a majority of people had one particular blog that really stirred them just a little more than the others. For them, it struck a cord within them. Now that I've expanded and gone public, I pray that each one of you will find that one edition that moves something in your heart. And in a sense, you find yourself coming away from that computer just a little bit different than you were a few minutes before. That is my hope for each of you that visits.


Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas