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Friday, February 12, 2010

Thank you! Gracias! Obrigada! Xie Xie!

As gifted as us writers are with when it comes to the use of words and ability to describe things, there are few things in the world that go beyond the description of words. One of them being Iguazú falls. Standing there watching the glory, power, and majesty of Devil's Throat Canyon, it is in that moment that you realize that words are futile. Pictures are futile. There is nothing on earth you can bring home to your friends to even do justice to the experience of being there.

The second area where words fail me is far less dramatic but no less important. It is the feeling of what it is like to wake up at 6am in the morning, check the counter for this site and have the numbers "100" glaring back at you. Literally, I went to bed after coming home from church with the counter reading "85" and when I woke up and it said "100". I cheered and whooped and even while I was doing that, the counter changed from "100" to "102". Went back to sleep and when I woke up at 11am the counter now said "112"

I began the creation of this website on Monday Feb. 8th and though all my blogs got added, it has been a work in progress until yesterday evening when I felt that I had added as much as I needed to. It was just a few days ago when I went to search engine of yahoo and typed in the words "How to create a blog" and I slowly went through the process of starting an account, findng a name for my blog etc. This site has barely been around for 4 days but the responses have been overwhelming and the popularity of this site totally unexpected.


Your support of this site makes all effort worth it. I am working hard to create an environment that can act as oasis for people in the midst of their busy days. When I see the kind of response that I've been getting, it only makes me want to work all the more harder to make sure this place is in peak condition at all times. Creating the sight was not easy. I liken it to a film editors job where they have 100's of hours of footage and they have to choose 1hr of it and that 1hr of footage, they have to properly format in a way that is desirable.

Everything that you see here, the pictures, links, podcast feed, I had to choose it out of hundreds of other choices and even after knowing what I want, I had to experiment with the format and where I would put it on the site. And what makes it more challenging is with this website, there are hundreds of gadgets and extras you can put on the sidebar or where ever. I have to decide whether I'm going to say "Yay" or "Nah" to it. They all look so appealing!

But at last I think the site has a nice balance of extras that have been added. I made a decision to keep out anything that was too media orientated. All of us in the west have enough media, advertising, and stimulation thrown at us to the point that we feel wired like we're on some kind of coffee buzz. Consider this website your "decaf" cup of coffee. Yes it's got some media, entertaiment, and cool stuff on it but it's all been put together and designed in such a manner that it feels natural and where you can come to take in a breathe of fresh air. And yes, I am experimenting with promoting and advertising some things using this site but I want to trend very sensitively in that area and I want to make sure that whatever happens, it does not compromise the ambience that I am trying to create here at "Making the Same Difference"

This time of the year there are many events going on in our world right now. The most obvious one is Valentines Day. But this year Chinese New Year falls on the same day as Valentines day. Carnaval is in Brazil and people are getting ready with costumes that they have worked all year round to make. So whatever this time of the year means for you, I wish you a happiness, health and safety in all the celebrations. Valentines Days is about love, Chinese New Year is about honor, and Carnaval I think is about the love and honor of the very art of life and living. In other words...........HAVE FUN!

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas