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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Missing Link

So I am sitting here in front of my computer having a day of rest after a full day of activity yesterday. Actually, the activities started the day before yesterday when I went to a fiesta at church to send off some missionaries. The party began at 8pm at night. I met up with some friends and we hung out at the party until 12 midnight. It's a good thing we left at the time that we did because I needed to be up early the next morning to catch the bus that would take me back here to the church where another bus would be leaving to take a ton of us to the picnic campgrounds.

They sky was dark and cloudy and we did have a light drizzle but the spirit were high and that was what counted. I am so glad that I went this time. There was volleyball, futbol, meat roasting on an asado. As well as wars where groups of people would take cans of mousse and spray some unlucky passer by. I got pretty covered and soaked myself and so did a bunch of other friends who were innocently standing around, completely unaware of the danger lurking nearby.

If you have read previous blogs, you know that I was initially abit nervous about hanging out with Christians, having had many bad past experience. But yesterday was a really great step in building and trusting again. And being there at the picnic also gave me the chance to spend time with people that I had been wanting to get to know better.

But my day didn't just end at 7pm when the picnic was over, me and my friends decided to go for "Santa Cena" which is communion in church. So after getting back to the main church in Agaces, we took another bus straight to Centro on Florida street where the church service was happening. The service was crowded and filled to maxium capacity that night. But the usher was somehow able to get me into a seat.

The service that night was a little bit different than all the others. Not just because we would be having communion, but because it would be the pastor Guillermo himself that would be giving a message on keys to unlocking change and making a difference in our world. Guillermo is such a great preacher and even though I don't understand everything that is being said, what I do understand makes it well worth it to have taken out time to come. I hope to meet him one day and introduce myself as the teacher from Canada. It didn't happen that night but I know it will happen at the right time.

But as he was preaching, I had some thoughts cross my mind. My thoughts were on how me coming here turned out to be exactly what they needed. You see, during the process of all of this I learned that one year ago, Guillermo had tried to encourage the congregation to learn english without success. As pastor, he knew that this is something they badly needed and was vital. Now I see the reason why when I told him I wanted to bring english, he jumped on it straight away. He has known the whole time. But even more importantly, God knew the entire time.

Before this trip, I was at a crossroad in my life. I didn't want to be in customer service any longer but I didn't know what I could do. I didn't have anything in my hand except this one ability to teach english. But sometimes what's in your hand is all that it takes to change everything. In coming here I fulfilled Glady's dream of learning the english language. And in this project is going to be fulfiling the needs of a church and a dream that was birthed in the heart of a pastor.

I'm the missing link!

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas