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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chicken Cerviche

I am writing to all of you from friends house this lovely Sunday afternoon and I am having the absolute time of miy life. There are videos of some Latin American artist I´ve never heard of playing in the background. And best of all, I just got treated to a home made meal of my first ever taste of Cerviche made from chicken! This morning I wrote to you a little article on taking a pause. I am in no way exempt from taking my own advice! Come to think of it, I love taking my own advice I would love to hear about ways you in your life have learned to take a pause or if my website helps you take pauses, I would love to hear that too :)

Let me tell you my pause and "selah" moment looks like today. Once again I found myself in the house of a friend that I had spent time with yesterday. All of got well rested after having fun the night before (although the movie "Wolf Man" is a total waste of money) in the city. At one point she beckoned to me to come over to the kitchen. So I came over and that´s when she told me she was making us a quick lunch of Cerviche. She is from Peru and it is one of the most popular dishes in the country. But it would be Cerviche with a twist, it was going to be made from chicken instead of fish. Up until now, I thought Cerviche is strictly fish but she told me that wasn´t true. And in fact Cerviche made from chicken is popular amongst locals because chicken is so much cheaper to purchase than fish. And MUCH faster to make. I think that the total time spent preparing it was about 45 mins before it was ready to eat.

She showed me how she was doing it. Pieces of chicken in the juice of 6 lemon. Sliced onions. There are some other spices she added that I had never heard of. She also added brown chunks of a vegetable that I´m not sure what the word is in english but I think it might be mandrakes. Diana handed pieces of it to me and the taste of it in my mouth was sweet, delicious and light! 45 mins later I sat down to my very first meal of chicken Cerviche. Who knew that such simple ingredients could yield something so tasty in such little time. Literally, the total amount of time that she needed to marinate the chicken in the lemon juice was half an hour. Then add some white rice to your meal and VOILA! Lunch today is chicken Cerviche!

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas