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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cindy Davis & Soda Stereo

Hey so I'm still at my friend's place. This has been a casual lazy afternoon that all of us have been enjoying. And I had a few thoughts and suggestions I want to share with you for suggestions on ways you can discover something new while you're here. As I said in blog earlier, I stuck on the YouTube gadget so that you could do some of your own searching around and personalizing the experience of being here.

I'd like to give you some suggestions of artists that you are less likely to hear about but that doesn´t make them any less fantastic. The first artists is called Soda Stereo. They were one of the most popular hit bands in the 80´s in the latin american world. The lead singer´s name is Gustavo Cerati. The band decided to part ways in 1997 but came back for a reunion tour in 2007. Soda Stereo is basically the U2 of the latin american world. I discovered them in the midst of learning spanish about a year ago and I was hooked instantly.

My favorite song by them is called "La Ciudad de Furia", meaning "The City of Fury". They did a really great edition on it on their live album that is available in video called "La Ultimo Concierto", meaning "The Last Concert" I just suggested to my friend a minute ago that I think I should do this and she thought it was a fantastic idea. It´s a shame that Soda Stereo's music never went international but I´m glad that now I get a chance to share my thoughts on this awesome band.

Another favorite of mine is a girl I went to school with who has become an extremely popular artists and favorite of many. And that is Cindy Davis! If you haven´t heard her debut album "A Year or More" It is awesome. I am so proud of my classmate and all her success that she is having. My two favorite songs are "Philosophy" and "Where am I?" Her music and shows have a stripped down, raw and intimate beat to it. Many of the musicians on the project are not only people that I know but who are skilled professionals as well who have played for artists like "Tegan & Sarah".

So with your cup of "coffee" today, my suggestions for sides or accompaniments are a dash of Soda Stereo for those who love to rock. And for those who like to keep it abit more raw and intimate, a sprinkling of Cindy Davis makes the perfect accent to any classic beverage. And for your convenience, I 've just added a mini playlist on the site here for your listening enjoyment.

The songs on the playlist are: "When Love Takes Over" by David Guetta w/ Kelly Rowland, "Empire States" with Jay Z and Alicia Keys, "La Ciudad de Furia" by Soda Stereo, "Inside Outside" by Delirious, and "Clumsy" by Cindy Davis. One interesting thing to note is that the version of the song "La Ciudad de Furia" by Soda Stereo when you click "video" is very different that the version you will hear audio only.

This is my playlist for now. It is not necessarily my favorite songs for personal pleasure but these are songs that I though would accompany this site well. If you can think of any songs that you would like to suggest that fit well with the sight and would be something visitors would enjoy listening to, please by all means let me know. I'm open to any and all suggestions :)


p.s. the trick with the setlist is that if you want to listen to the whole song, click on "video".

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas