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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Many Flavors of Success

Seriously, I cannot staring at the number that the counter for this website reads. I almost want to pinch myself to check to see if this isn't real and the numbers on the counter aren't really saying 400!!!!!! The support has been unbelievable!

What I have learned in the past few weeks here in all this is that success comes in many flavors. It is like an ice-cream shop with a wide variety to choose from. Some flavors are deep and rich and powerful and strong. While others are light and simple. Some flavors are classic and traditional. Yet others are a result of the latest ideas and inventions in an attempt to find creative new ways to attract consumers.

But what I will say is the success I am experiencing in my life right now is the best kind of success. Because the success that I have right now, in both my projects to teach english and with this website is success that has been earned rightfully. I have witnessed people gain success through various mediums and in ways that aren't honest.

The success I am having was not given to me on a silver platter, I did not inherit it. I'm not experiencing success simply because I was born into a certain family name with power and prestige. I did not get this success by sucking up or appeasing to certain people. There was no political game involved. I didn't have to tell any lies or manipulate or contrive anything to get where I am right now. And no one can say that they've gotten used or hurt as I made my way up the ladder of success.

Everything i have right now is a result of right actions and choices based on respect and integrity. There were times in my past where opportunity came to take a short cut but I refused to cut corners and i have no regrets whatsoever. I don't have to lie on my bed at night and justify any deceptive actions that I have done to get where I am. Because this is the kind of success that has been worked hard for and rightfully earned.

The flavor of success tastes so good right now.At times it felt so long and that it would never come. But the moment is so worth the wait when God breathes life into the dreams and visions of your heart and you see it come to life in a way that you could never imagine possible.

But there is only one thing in the world that makes the flavor of success even sweeter and stronger and that's when it gets shared with others around you. On this note, I would like to make the announcement that here at "Making the Same Difference" that I'm going to start a project to try showcase and share this space with the works of other writers who have had success themselves.

As usual, you can expect nothing less than the very best of writers who not only have talent but who know how to connect and writer for an audience as well as for themselves. I believe that making this space available to proven writers and authors will bring a fresh vibe to "Making the Same Difference" and give you a chance to be expose to talent and success of a different flavor :)

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas