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Monday, February 15, 2010

d: day in Argentina


So there has been this interesting question that almost always comes up at one point in my conversations with many of the church members here. And the question is "How did you discover our church?" None of them really speak english and although their name is well known within Argentina, they are virtually unknown outside of Argentina.

Honestly, how I felt when I discovered them must have been what it felt like when Christopher Columbus discovered the new world. They are growing church network of more than 30 000 people that is spread all across the country and is heavily involved in social justice and social reform in this country. They maintain good relationships with people at all levels of society, ranging from a government level all the way to people on the street.

It seems like every time I turn around, they've got a new project on the go, whether it would be feeding people on the street, arranging a benefit concert to create awareness about AIDS, bringing aid to a town nearby that's been affected by flooding. In the time I have been here, I have seen them send out 3 families as missionaries. So now we have 3rd world people who already live in a poor country sending out their people to other 3rd world countries even poorer than Argentina. CCNV sent a family to Ushuaia, which is in the south of the country in the region of Patagonia. Then the other two families got sent out to Uruguay and Bolivia, countries who's economy's are way worse than Argentina.

One their website states their mission. It literally says "Passion for people". And there is really only one message given every sunday. And the message is that there is a great cloud over society that is stealing hope. This is where the battle is against. Their battle isn't a political one where they stand up and protest outside abortion clinics. To them, their battle is against poverty, it is against hopelessness. It is against human trafficking in this country. It is against the things that are stripping people of their humanity.

But back to the question? How did I find such an amazing group of people? That story is very interesting. Long before I knew I was coming here, I already had developed a keen interest in Argentina. There is a popular Christian rock group named Delirious that I'm a fan of. And before I go further, let me comment that these guys play actual music and are professionals They break every stereotype that pops into your head of what you think Christian music is. If they weren't amazing as they are, they wouldn't have been asked to open for Bryan Adams or Bon Jovi. Just making it clear between you and me here :)

Now Centro Cristiano Nueva Vida has an event called Rock & Vida. It is concert with a variety of rock musicians to create awareness about AIDS I actually went to Rock & Vida this year and wrote a blog about it. The blog is titled "Rock & Vida". In 2006 they invited Delirious to play for them. It was an unforgettable night, so unforgettable that one of the youth pastors at CCNV decided to write a blog about it and put it on the Delirious website.

Along comes me a few years later, wanting to visit Argentina. Out of curiosity, I wondered if Delirious has ever toured in Argentina. So I go through all their travel diaries and look at all the countries they've been through. And sure enough, here is this blog about their nite at Rock & Vida in Buenos Aires in 2006 along with the name of the youth pastor as well as the name of the church. And the rest was history!

You may have noticed a little d: symbol at the top left of this blog. That is actually the logo of Delirious and if you click that symbol on the top left of the blog, it will take not only to their website, but you will be able to read the actual blog that was written about their concert in Argentina. This is the very blog that led me straight to the people here at CCNV. Interesting huh?


p.s. I found an AWESOME picture taken of the d: boys during their time here in Buenos Aires. I've put it at the bottom of the site. This picture of them was taken in Puerto Madero and it has 4 of the 5 band members standing tall and strong LOL Also I've made it so that if you click on the picture, it will take you straight to the official website of delirious ?

Amorous Alpacas

Amorous Alpacas